Word of the year update #9

Instead of writing or crafting this month, I listened to songs to inspire me!

Ali Edwards suggested we find songs that reflect our word of the year, but if we couldn’t find anything, we were free to pick songs we liked. I went with the “songs I liked” route. 

I’ve been listening to a lot of Taylor Swift’s Folklore album. You can ask my family. They may have the lyrics memorized by now I play it so often. But I didn’t include any of those here because they just didn’t feel like the my word, enough.

I also thought about adding songs by Maya Hawke. Her first album, Blush, came out in August. It is a beautiful collection of songs, but again, those didn’t fit what I was going for either.

I wound up using songs that were in my playlist from the last few years. Andy Grammar came up the winner, singing two songs that I really enjoy, Back Home and Don’t Give Up On Me. That second one should be the anthem for 2020, you know what I mean?

Chumbawamba’s Tubthumper might get the nod, though. I mean if a pandemic doesn’t keep you down, what will?

It’s always fun to do something creative and non-writing related when it comes to projects like this. Don’t get me wrong! I love to write. But music is food for the soul as well. Or food for the ears. Not sure which but you get the picture!

Until next week…

Photo by Carole Wolfe