Word of the year update #8

It is always fun to make something creative that has a practical purpose and that’s what I did this month with the One Little Word project. Ali Edwards suggested we make a spinner with six things that we want to do more often.

This project was a good reminder of the things that I think are important to do, but not necessarily urgent. Basically, I don’t do them because all the other stuff gets in the way.

But not this month! This month I have this cute spinner to remind me.

Some of the items may seem silly. I mean, who needs reminded to smile? But I do! 2020 continues to be a royal pain in the butt and I’ve got the frown lines to prove it.

My desk contains more stacks of papers than I care to admit, but thanks to my little spinner, it is half the stacks than it was a week ago. And my running app tells me I’ve increased my runs from onceish a week to two solid runs per week. (I know. Still not great, but baby steps, people, baby steps.)

The other thing that I used this concept for was when I had 15 minutes of downtime and I didn’t want to scroll through endless posts of social media (see reminder about social media timeout), I had a couple of other suggestions for things to do in a specific time period (hence why I had written a lot and cleaned up my desk this month).

Hands down, this spinner has been my favorite activity so far. Not only is it creative, it is useful and keeps me focused.

Until next week…

Photo by Carole Wolfe