Word of the year update #6

For this month’s activity in One Little Word, Ali Edwards encouraged us to use paints, stamps and stencils to create images that connect to our word. I’m not entirely sure how much my actual creation relates to my word enough, but I had fun making it.

I didn’t follow the directions exactly, though. The directions included using a gelly plate. Don’t feel bad if you don’t know what this is. I didn’t either. And after reading about it here , I decided a) I didn’t want to spend $30 on one, b) I didn’t have the patience to make one and c) I would use what I had because my word is enough.

My supply drawers are full of all kinds of odds and ends so rather than add to that, I used what I have. Which, ironically, is exactly what enough is all about.

Here are a few pictures of what I came up with. My paper curled a bit due to how much paint I used, but once I flattened it out with a book overnight, it was fine.

My word is motivating me this year. I have cancelled a number of subscriptions that I don’t use. I’m not shopping as much (although that is partly due to the pandemic) and what I am buying, I am more deliberate about. Enough reminds me that I can find what I need inside myself more often than not.

The other exciting thing is that I have continued with the monthly projects. In the past, I’ve fallen off the wagon in April or May so this is pretty exciting to me.

Until next week…

Photo by Carole Wolfe