Word of the Year update #5

As we start the second half of the year, my word enough seems to still be working. I have enough of what I need. I might be a little lacking on doing some of the things I want to do, but in light of everything going on, I feel pretty good.

This month’s Word of the Year activity was to reflect on the goals and aspirations that I set in January. I looked through my goals and thought about all the things that had changed. No one could predict a global pandemic would change the way we work and play. We are still in the adjusting stage, I think. How do we get modify our behavior to satisfy our basic needs?

The goals I wrote down in January didn’t all get met.  I am making progress on some of them. For instance, I published one book in June and I should be able to get a second book out before the end of the year.

A few of my goals have gone to the wayside as they involve outside activities that aren’t available right now. That’s okay. I can do other things that will fulfill the same need.

But if anyone told me when I wrote my January goals that we would be wearing masks to protect each other from transmitting a virus or that I wouldn’t get a haircut in more than six months, I would have said they were crazy.

For me, it was good to take a minute to reflect. I know where I stand on my goals and I have learned a few things about patience and flexibility this year. My word of the year, enough, has been an excellent reminder for me.

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Until next week…

Photo by Carole Wolfe