Word of the year update #3

When I picked the word enough at the beginning of the year, I anticipated using it as a guidepost. Have I written enough today? Did I connect enough with my family? Did I do enough to fill my creative well this week?

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, enough still works for me, but in far different ways than I ever imagined.

  • I have enough food and water to get my family through the month of April.
  • We have enough rooms in my house for everyone to work/study at home and not be on top of each other.
  • Our backyard is big enough that we can “shelter-in-place” outside on a sunny day.
  • YouTube is providing more than enough (dare I say a surplus) of exercise videos to keep me in shape – and I might suggest better shape than I was before this pandemic started.
  • My Instagram feed makes me smile enough to forget for a second what the world is facing.
  • And last but not least, I am getting enough family time. We need a new board game to play, though. I’m tired of having my middle schooler beat me in Scrabble! Suggestions, anyone?

Don’t get me wrong. There is a lot that is not enough in the world right now, but I’m choosing to focus on the good stuff as well as the stuff I can control. I continue to support local businesses when I can (although I haven’t left the house to do anything other than walk or ride bikes for nine days – and even then it was for the quickest grocery run ever). We are all following the county, state and national guidelines for dealing with the situation. The kids are continuing with school, studying from home the best they can, while I write and my works remotely.

And right now, that has to be enough. Because for the first time in most people’s lives, there is an unprecedented level of uncertainty. We don’t know when or if things will return to normal. Normal may change, too. Change happens all the time. Maybe not as dramatically as this, but I can see the world emerging from this pandemic with a greater appreciation for what enough really is.

And that, gentle reader, is what I am keeping my sights on. Not just because enough is my word of the year, but because enough is something we have to find. Don’t get me wrong: It will be tough if you are in the hard hit spots like New York, New Jersey and Louisiana. But even in these places, the good stuff is shining through the bad. And that is enough for today.

Let me know how you are doing! Email me at carolewolfeauthor@gmail.com or leave a comment below!

Until next week…

Photo by Carole Wolfe