Word of the year update #2

I’m more of a words girl, but the February prompt for Ali Edwards’ One Little Word had me using pictures to express my thoughts. As you know my word for 2020 is enough. The exercise this month was to make a visual representation of my word.

I had a couple of choices to make. I could create a vision board – something to hang on the wall – or a vision insert – something I could put into my binder. I opted for the insert. The board is great. I’ve made one in previous years, but there is only so much space on my walls. The idea of putting something into my binder for the year made sense to me. Makes for a complete year!

The idea is to use magazines to pick out images and pictures that relate to your word. Now, I have a confession to make. I do not subscribe to any magazines. Haven’t for years. Nor do I routinely buy magazines. Occasionally, I’ll read one at the doctor’s office or when I’m getting my hair cut, but that’s the extent of it. I was pretty excited, then shocked when I bought two magazine and paid $10. Clearly, I’ve been out of the magazine market for a while.

The other issue I had was there were no good pictures to speak of. Granted, I bought a fitness magazine and an organizational magazine, but still, you’d think there would be more pretty things to cut out.

I did find a few things and am pleased with the results. Interestingly, I didn’t find the word enough to place on the layout. Other words made the cut though. My favorites are inhale and exhale that open and close the spread. That and the smily face made of oranges and a banana.

Something else I am excited about is I completed the February assignment in February. I’ve taken One Little Word several times and I am usually one or two months behind. I guess posting my progress on the blog is helping!

Let me know if you’ve ever done a vision board before. Email me at carolewolfeauthor@gmail.com or leave a comment below!

Until next week…

Photo by Carole Wolfe