Who’s That Character?

Did you enjoy last month’s contest? The correct answer to July’s Who’s That Character? was Brad. You can click here to read the Q & As.  

A refresher on the contest: 

The first person to email me at carole@carolewolfe.com with the name of the character who is answering the “Who’s That Character?” questions will receive a free digital copy of my latest book, My Best Memory. Winners will be mentioned on my Facebook and Instagram page.

Let the games begin!

Question: Do you call your mother every day, or only on her birthday, Mother’s Day, and Christmas? Are your parents alive? Answer: My parents are long gone, but on their birthdays, I cook their favorite foods. My dad loved lasagna and my mom couldn’t get enough pot roast.

Question: What is your motto? Answer: Home cooking cures everything!

Question: What is your most marked characteristic? Answer: My home cooking (see my motto above!). 

Question: What is your most treasured possession? Answer: I have my great-grandmother’s collection of recipes. She wrote them on scraps of paper and saved them in an old cigar box of my great-grandfather’s. After she died, the box was tossed into a trunk and forgotten about until I found it while cleaning out my parents’ attic. I make several of the recipes to serve in my Coffee Bar, and I’m considering putting together a cookbook to sell. Always good to diversify your income. 

Question: What is your greatest extravagance? Answer: I treat myself to a cooking class. Every year, I enroll in a week of lessons at the most prestigious cooking school that will have me (and that has cooking intensives). I’ve been to Italy, Peru, France, Spain, India, Costa Rica as well as several cities in the US. I’ve learned to make cheese, wine, salami and studied the art of pastry baking. Making nutritious and tasty food is the ultimate show of love to friends and family. 

Question: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Answer: I’m happy with myself. I might have changed myself when I was younger, but having lived a few more years, I appreciate who I am and worry less about what I’m not. 

Question: What historical figure do you most identify with? Answer: Julia Child. She was an amazing cook and will always be remembered as one, but it wasn’t her first career. Most people here in Glen Valley don’t know that I used to be a social worker. I burned out and needed to try something new. That’s about the time I found my great-grandmother’s recipe box. 

Question: Coke or Pepsi? Answer: Ice Tea

Question: What super power would you like most? Answer: A photographic memory. Not as exciting as superhuman strength or the ability to fly, but it would make collecting recipes easier. 

Question: What would you consider your greatest achievement?  Answer: Putting up with my friend Helene’s controlling behavior. Things have improved, though, since she started seeing a therapist! 

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Again, the first person to email me at carole@carolewolfe.com with the answer to “Who’s That Character?” will receive a free digital copy of my latest book, My Best Memory.

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