Who’s That Character?

Did you enjoy last month’s contest? The correct answer to October’s Who’s That Character? was Jared. You can click here to read the Q & As.  

A refresher on the contest: 

The first person to email me at carole@carolewolfe.com with the name of the character who is answering the “Who’s That Character?” questions will receive a free digital copy of my latest book, My Best Memory. Winners will be mentioned on my Facebook and Instagram page. Only two more months of the contest left in 2021! 

Let the games begin!

Question: Do you call your mother every day, or only on her birthday, Mother’s Day, and Christmas? Answer: Seeing as how I live with her, we grunt at each other daily. 

Question: What is your motto? Answer: A journalist’s peculiar function is to read the mind of the country and to give definite and fearless expression to that mind. – M. K. Gandhi

Question: What is your most marked characteristic? Answer: Perseverance. It pays to stick things out. 

Question: What is your most treasured possession? Answer: The Montblanc Sir Author Conan Doyle rollerball pen I received for my college graduation. Someday, I’m going to write a novel!

Question: What is your greatest extravagance? Answer: My own streaming service account. It might not sound like much, but having my own account means I don’t have to watch tv with my mom, who watches craft shows on PBS every night. 

Question: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Answer: I need to be better at money management. Hence why I’m still living at home with my mom. 

Question: What historical figure do you most identify with? Answer: Nellie Bly. Anyone who can live in a mental institution for 10 days for her story is someone to aspire to be!

Question: Coke or Pepsi? Answer: Coke. 

Question: What super power would you like most? Answer: Mind reading. It would be so much easier to write up an interview if I knew what the subject was really thinking!

Question: What would you consider your greatest achievement?  Answer: I’m proud of my investigative stories and how they make Glen Valley a better place to live. 

Character Choices (in alphabetical order) 













Again, the first person to email me at carole@carolewolfe.com with the answer to “Who’s That Character?” will receive a free digital copy of my latest book, My Best Memory.

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Character questions selected from here and here.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash