Wheels keep turning

It’s been a while since my last publishing update, but I’m excited to share two big pieces of news with you!

First, the audiobook for My Best Memory is now available for purchase! You can find it on Chirp Books and Kobo for now. It will be out on Audible at some point, however, they are behind in posting new releases. 

The launch price of the book is a low $4.50 through the end of 2021, so if you like listening to your books, give Helene’s story a whirl!

The second thing is that my next book made its way to the editor on Monday. I don’t have a title, book cover or launch date yet, but I will say that this book starts a second Women’s Fiction series with some of my readers’ favorite characters. More to come soon!

I’m still looking for holiday movies, so let me know what your favorite one is! Drop me an email at carole@carolewolfe.com.

Until next time…

Photo by Hope House Press – Leather Diary Studio on Unsplash