What to read in November 2023

Books on wooden desk table and abstract background.

This month, I have something a little different to share: an interview!

Atmosphere Press included me in its Interview with an Author feature. The interview is posted on its website now. It’s always fun to answer questions about my process. Plus it helps me slow down and remember where I started and what I’ve accomplished.

In other reading news, I made it part way through Shirley Jackson’s The Hunting of Hill House but I got sidetracked by a crochet project. Or perhaps I was just too scared to keep reading.

I’ll share pictures over on Instagram when the project is finished. It’s a Yip Yip, which is a Martian from the TV show Sesame Street. This Yip-Yip won’t talk like the ones on Sesame Street, but it’s used to store toys or laundry or just decorate your room. I’ve made Yip-Yips before, but this one is a replacement one for a young friend whose house flooded. He lost most of his stuffies and toys so I’m helping him rebuild his collection!

What else I’m reading:

I’ve got a number of books started, but I haven’t sat down long enough to finish them. I’ve also paused my audiobook subscription as I don’t have any long roadtrips coming up. That’s usually when I listen to books. I’ve tried listening when I’m cleaning the house and doing other chores, but for some reason, I can’t concentrate on what is happening in the books.

December Plans:

My usual December reading is rereading! I like to reread Nora Roberts four book Bride Quartet series as well as Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art. And there is always the Hallmark channel for some good Christmas movies!

Until next time…