What to read in December 2023

Books on wooden desk table and abstract background.

The holidays are keeping me busy so my reading has been minimal. I managed to get the first two books in Nora Roberts four book Bride Quartet series read. And Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art is sitting on my desk.

I’ve been taking some time to do other things, like make Christmas cookies. I thought it would be fun to test out new cookie recipes so I was reading a few magazines to find something interesting. There were seven recipes I wanted to try. Suffice it to say, I managed three of them before I cried “uncle”.

Why would I give up, you might ask? Well, take a look at these pictures and you might understand my problem.

Ashes on a cookie sheet with a turquoise spatula
Burning ashes in an oven

The batch of cookies after this one turned out much better, but I decided to stop before the fire department showed up at my door. Which the way the day was going was very possible.

2024 Reading Plans:

I’m joining a couple of book clubs this year, one in my neighborhood and one at the local library. The two books for January are Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver and True Biz by Sara Nović. I’ve read Nović’s book and I’ve started Kingsolver’s, which is really long, made even longer because I got the large print paperback version. The thing is a doorstop, but I can read it with ease!

Until next time…