The Power of Connection, Part 9

This week’s Spotlight is on Madeline Slovenz. We recently met in a Facebook writer’s group—it never ceases to amaze me how cool it is to meet like-minded people without having to leave the house! 

Madeline has been writing for years. Her credits include Lion Dancer: Ernie Wan’s Chinese New Year, which she co-authored. The story follows a boy through his first dragon dance and was picked as a PBS Reading Rainbow Selection in 1991. Her website is found at 

Much of Madeline’s writing has been nonfiction. Her masters thesis was on rap and graffiti. She admitted that she “always liked bad boys” which may be what drew her toward that musical genre. She taught in a prison for a few years, then at alternative schools before she turned her writing talents to Young Adult pieces when she retired six years ago. 

“I like that writing feels like playing. I put characters on the page and in a situation and they interact. It’s like playing with my dolls as a kid.”

Madeline considers herself a pantser—someone who doesn’t plan things out—when it comes to writing. She is, however, open to trying something new. She recently completed The Write Practice’s 100-day challenge. The course helps writers complete a book in 100 days, and one of the course requirements is completing an outline. I’m happy to report Madeline’s 80,000 words draft is ready for editing. 

While she enjoys all aspect of writing, time is something that she would like more of. She’s been trying to free up her time so she can focus on more writing projects. 

In addition to participating in online writing communities, Madeline founded a local writing group five years ago. She also attended a seminar in Chicago and found the feedback she received there helpful. 

If you are interested in learning more about Madeline, check her out at  

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