The Power of Connection, Part 8

This week’s Spotlight is on Callie Sutcliffe. Callie is a Women’s Fiction writer who has published the “Finding You Again” series. I’ve had the pleasure of reading the series prequel, “Home To Stay: A Short Story”. You can get it for free at Love is Messy, Book 1 is available on Amazon. 

An elementary school contest for the D.A.R.E. Program got Callie into writing. After winning first place in her classroom and third place in the state competition, the passion for writing ignited in Callie. The passion blazed into high school and college. 

It was in college that she hit a stumbling block. After being accused of plagiarism, Callie realized her dedication to telling the perfect story could cause problems. She was cleared of the accusations, but the incidents left a mark. 

“I started writing less perfect pieces and got A’s, which didn’t make sense.”

Callie stepped away from writing to start a family, but recently came back to it. She’s joined several online writing groups, including The Write Practice. 

“I found Joe (Bunting) on Facebook. I needed some accountability. The 100-day program got me some good feedback.”

Along the way, she’s learned a few more lessons.

Callie writes long stories. Short blog posts don’t work for her. Similarly, she set out to write a 40,000 word book about three women, which has morphed into at least a three-book series. 

She’d also like to republish her first book. After writing more of the series, there are some things that she would like to change. 

“I won’t release book one again until the series in done.”

The most important thing, though, is that Callie knows what motivates her. 

“I’ve got a passion for advocating for women and giving them a voice. I’m not sure I could write about anything else. I want to inspire women.”

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