The Power of Connection, Part 7

This week’s Spotlight is on Victor Paul Scerri. It amazes me when I speak with someone on the other side of the world. Victor lives in Thailand so while he was wrapping up his day, I was just starting mine! 

The tale of how Victor got into writing is fascinating. A creative by nature, Victor lived around the world, from London to Toyko, Spain to Thailand. He’s written several books, paints (check out His Gallery of Art) and promotes travel through his work. His website as well as his Facebook page talks about his journeys as well as his current work in progress, a mystery thriller set in Australia, Madeira and Porto Santo. 

Chatting with Victor, it became apparent to me of his love of structure. He used an analogy of building a house as an example of how you determine if the right parts of a book are present. Just like a house needs plumbing, electrical and framing, a story needs characters, plot and dialogue. 

“It (structure) also tells you if you have written enough.” 

The 5 Commandments of Story from Story Grid is what Victor uses to guide his work. He uses the foundation of the commandments to ensure that his scenes are complete and fulfilling to the writer. 

“We think too much as writers. We need a strategy. A guardian angel.”

The Story Grid principles as well as online marketing and writing courses helped Victor complete his 70,000 plus word manuscript after he lost 31,000 words. 

The act of writing without worrying about the details until the editing phase is another strategy Victor employs. 

Victor’s motivation for storytelling is clear to me, and it is obvious that he is passionate about his practice. After retiring early and leaving behind materialism, Victor spends his time polishing up his writing craft and as well as promoting the writing of others. Check out his website as well as his Facebook page to learn more. 

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Author photo provided by Victor Paul Scerri,