The Power of Connection, part 6

Not sure if you noticed, but so far, the Spotlight On has featured fiction writers. Well this week, I have something special. Let me present the ADHD Nerd, Ryan McRae. 

Ryan blogs and coaches at He offers useful strategies to navigate the challenges of ADHD. Ryan helps people save time, make better life choices and build a better life. He summed it up best here, “I help people fine tune the battle of the overwhelm.” 

I’ve been following Ryan’s work for the last few years as one of my kiddos has ADHD. And hey, who doesn’t need a little bit more organization in their lives?! I reached out to Ryan to see if he would take some time to chat with me about how he got into blogging and get his thoughts on writing. 

Ryan has always loved to write. In high school, he enjoyed reading and writing poetry. His degrees are in special education and English so he had lots of practice writing in college. 

“I thought everyone could do it. I thought everyone was a writing sort of fellow. I just loved to go to the coffee house and write.”

Once he graduated, Ryan noticed that everything crowded into his time. 

“Moving into adult town, you have laundry, an apartment, a job.” 

To get a handle on his time, Ryan focused on the art of managing time. He also rethought the things people struggle with. His articles on offer suggestions on how to get the most out of the time you have. For example, Ryan uses his train commute to reach his daily reading and writing goals. On his way into work, he writes. He achieves his word count goal for the day before he makes it to the office. On his way home, Ryan reads. While he devours anything Stephen King recommends, Ryan also enjoys urban fantasy, suspense and science fiction. 

“For me, it (writing) is like a hard workout. I’m getting all my energy out. And then, like a glass blower, I’m able to shape something raw into art.” 

Ryan maintains consistency with his writing habit. He gets his word count in every day. If he goes over it some days, that’s great, but he doesn’t allow himself to slack off the next day. Consistency is key. 

Like all writers, some things frustrate Ryan. When an article he’s worked hard on doesn’t get the reach he hoped for, it can be annoying. Ryan wants to get the information across to his readers, but doesn’t want to cajole them either. He also has written many articles on procrastination, but readers still request more. 

Ryan looks to podcasts and conferences for inspiration, ideas and support. Two podcasts he routinely listens to are: Beyond the To Do List with Erik Fisher and The Productivityist Podcast with Mike Vardy. 

As far as conferences go, Ryan loves to meet new people. He’s attended the World Domination Summit and Craft + Commerce. (Note: World Domination Summit announced its final conference will be in 2020.)

If you are interested in learning more about Ryan, you can find him at He has a variety of courses, books and bootcamps. I’m keeping an eye out for his Super Hero Bootcamp that runs in June/July. 

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Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Author photo provided by Ryan McRae, the ADHD Nerd