The Power of Connection, part 5

Happy Thursday! I hope you enjoyed “The Cabin”. You can still download it for free here. The plan is to share stories with you on a regular basis so be on the lookout for those. 

Now, back to our regular programming!

This week’s Spotlight is on BL Golden. I met BL in an online marketing class for writers. Though we met online, it turns out we both live in Arizona. What a small world. 

Like many writers, BL loves to read. Her mother read to her as a child and engaged her in the written word. She got into the magic of reading in high school and continued taking college classes on writing and English.  

She’s written a fantasy novel and a thriller, but literary fiction is what flows most often. Several small literary and fantasy magazines published a number of her short stories.

“I knew I wouldn’t make money, but I loved the process.”

Part of the process for BL is how she can get into the flow when creativity takes over. She remembers writing late into the night and then looking at her work the next day.

“I wondered if I really wrote this. The flow was fascinating.” 

The other thing BL discovered was that writing made her see the world in a different way. Everywhere she went, her curiosity encouraged her to get outside of her own circle and understand the way other people lived.

“I wasn’t just living. I was investigating.”

On the flip side of creativity is the technical aspect of writing, which can frustrate BL. She second-guesses herself when it comes to things like grammar and punctuation. 

BL looked to local writing groups for support. Over the years, she’s participated in several great ones. She learned the importance of giving and receiving critiques. 

“It was the first experience of someone taking my baby and telling me it is ugly. It was painful, but I got a thicker skin.” 

BL’s latest short story is available on Amazon. “Holding on to Eddie” is an insightful look at a brother’s unconditional love. The authenticity of her character Eddie blew me away. BL captured the true picture of autism. Please give this one a read! You can learn more about BL and her stories on her website,  

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Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Author photo provided by BL Golden