The Power of Connection, part 3

This week’s Spotlight is on Kristin Glasbergen. Kristin and I met at a writer’s conference in Austin, TX. We joined a mastermind group and have kept in touch ever since. I’ve had the pleasure of reading her three-part serial novelette Red Magic. You can get it for free at

Kristin started her writing career as a blogger. In the early days, her lifestyle blog focused on knitting. Her interest shifted to food, and Kristin wrote about healthy eating and linked to other people’s recipes. She finished up her blogging career at the lifestyle blog Homemade Frontier, which she co-produced with a friend. 

It was NaNoWriMo that inspired Kristin to make the move from blogging to writing. The virtual National Novel Writing Month is held every November and encourages writers to complete a 50,000 word manuscript from scratch ( After winning several NaNos, Kristin made the switch.

The ideas and inspiration are Kristin’s favorite things about writing. She is currently working on a LitRPG series about dragons, which requires both her creativity as well as a keen eye for keeping track of the detailed game play. 

Writing has its downside, though. For Kristin, the constant drudgery of making a story come together is the hardest part. “I have all these ideas, and I’m not really sure how to pull it all together,” she said. Despite that, Kristin pushes on and continues writing YA and middle-school novels. 

In addition to the mastermind she belongs to, Kristin finds writing support through a local writer’s group, conferences and Twitter. Hashtags that she uses regularly to find encouragement include #amwriting and #amediting. 

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Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Author photo provided by Kristin Glasbergen