The Power of Connection, part 2

This week’s Spotlight is on Kathleen Tumminello. I met Kathleen in an online writing course where we signed up to write a book in 100 days. I am happy to report that we both succeeded in our endeavor, and Kathleen is working on the third round of edits of her book. Mine is sitting in the proverbial drawer, but I digress.

Kathleen has always enjoyed creative writing. Working in the medical field, Kathleen crafted funny work emails to get co-workers to laugh about things that were kind of boring. Her husband Jack cheered her on as well. But when a friend encouraged her to tell her daughter’s story, Kathleen took the leap to write a book. Currently, she is editing her memoir about adopting multi-racial children, one with disabilities, as well as raising a gay son in a less accepting era. 

About writing, Kathleen said, “I like that feeling when you sit back and you go “Wow, I wrote that.” She enjoys putting her thoughts down on paper, then rearranging them until they become clear and concise. “It’s nice because we don’t always get to do that.”

Occasionally, she feels frustrated when she writes something, and it doesn’t work. She can spend half a day on a piece, but it doesn’t turn out the way she envisioned. She doesn’t want to leave the piece and come back to it. Kathleen has become aware that time is ticking on, whether a writing project works or not.  

Kathleen shared two resources she has used in her writing. Books that have been helpful to her include The Art of Memoir by Mary Kerr and Writing & Selling Your Memoir by Paula Balzer. You can learn more about Kathleen at her website,

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Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Author photo provided by Kathleen Tumminello