The Power of Connection, part 13

This month’s Spotlight is on M Mackinnon. M and I met in an online writing course several years ago, and I celebrated alongside her as she published her first two books. We had a great chat about what is coming up next for her, despite some technical issues that inadvertently led to broadcasting our conversation on Facebook Live (which has since been taken down!).

M’s background is in education where she spent time writing professional papers. It wasn’t until a foray into Downton Abbey FanFiction that she found her groove in fiction writing. Her FanFiction focused on Tom and Sybil Branson.

“I loved Ireland,” said M, “and I wrote the missing pieces of the stories.”

FanFiction reviews from people she’d never met prepared her for the critiques she would get later in her writing career.

But it was a trip to Scotland and the discovery of the Rait Castle that spurred M to begin her series, Highlands Spirit. The series, a historical romance trilogy, is set in Inverness. The first two books, Comyn’s Curse and Piper’s Warning, are out now.

Her favorite thing about writing is the words themselves.

“Putting words together in a way that emotionally moves me, that is the most powerful thing to me. Putting words down that make a difference.”

A combination plotter and pantser, M’s writing process begins with rereading a previous chapter before writing the next one. She loves the editing process, which pays off in the consistency her characters have throughout the series.

Using the format of her previous books helps when she is writing. M followed the general outline of the first book in the Highland Series for her second and third books, but now she is shifting to something new.

“I’m starting a new series. It’s frightening due to so much research.”

Her new series will still be set in Scotland, but focuses on reincarnation and how people are reborn and repeat their own lives in different ways. The book draws from historical and local legends.

But before the new series starts, the third and final book in the Highlands Series will be out in May 2020. To get more information about the book or M, you can check her website, or find her on your favorite social media platform: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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Author photo provided by M MacKinnon