Power of Connection, Part 16

This week’s spotlight is back on Krissy Baccaro. You might remember her from January 2019 where she and I talked during a polar vortex. Well this time around, we chatted during the pandemic about her recent book launch, Buried Secrets: An Ella Perri Mystery Book 1.

To refresh your memory, Krissy is a fifth-grade teacher and has always loved writing. It was her favorite subject growing up, and she continued to dabble in writing through the years. Krissy took a course through the Institute of Children’s Literature. She enjoyed writing for children, but her passion was novel writing. She enrolled in the 100 Day Book course and proved to herself that she could indeed complete a book. That book, Buried Secrets: An Ella Perri Mystery Book 1 launched on April 29, 2020.

The creative aspect of writing is what Krissy enjoys the most. “I like the process of creating and making something new and then seeing where it will go.” Krissy usually starts with a story in mind, rather than a character. She develops the character as she goes along.

Time has been her number one challenge, though.

“So many times, I want to write and create,” she said, “and I don’t have time to do it.” Having a plan to follow has also been an issue, but Krissy found several online courses helped her. In addition to the 100 Day Book course, Krissy took Write to Publish, a course in publishing and marketing writing. “Write to Publish has been very helpful to give me the steps on what to do next.”

Here’s a brief description of Krissy’s novel, Buried Secrets: An Ella Perri Mystery Book 1 from Amazon:

Families have secrets. Some secrets are locked, sealed and taken to the grave. Others beg to be told. They ooze through cracks a little at a time. You tease them out until an ugly truth is fully exposed.

Intense, huh? And in case you are tired of being at home, this mystery will take you to beautiful Italy, so you can get your much deserved travel fix!

She also has a story entitled “Luca” a standalone piece with ties into her novel. You can get Luca at Krissy’s website. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this author Spotlight. You can reach me at carolewolfeauthor@gmail.com

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Book cover designed by Rebecka Jäger.