Potluck Pig #1

Pink piglet in front of a white background

Pigs from my travels!

The Potluck Pig posts will keep going this year, still on the fifth Thursday of the month. There will be four this year and it just so happens that the pigs will be from various places I traveled to in 2023. I have three of the four pigs already purchased (it’s been a big travel year!) and I have ideas on where to get the fourth pig.

The first pig comes from St. Kitts. He was liberated from a museum. And before you ask, yes, he was for sale and yes, I paid for him. He had a larger older brother I would have LOVED to buy as well, but he was cost prohibitive and my suitcase was already bulging at the seams.

St. Kitts was a stop on a cruise my husband and I took in January. The cruise had been delayed for three years so it was nice to get out and about again. And really fun to find a pig!

Until next time…