My Monthly Reading Challenge

This month I made it through two books for the The Modern Mrs. Darcy 2020 Reading Challenge.

If you will recall from last month, I selected two books for the book recommended by a source you trust category.

I finished Witch Please: Finding Magic in Modern Times by Misty Bell Stiers. Definitely worth a read. Misty practices Wicca, and her memoir shares all of the reasons why she choose to become a witch as well as what it means to be a witch. And she has an AWESOME recipe for cinnamon rolls that I want to try!

The second book I am reading is Hurricane Season by Lauren K. Denton. So far so good. I usually read fiction at night before I go to bed, but lately, I’ve had things going on into the evening. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish this soon!

For a book in translation, I read Convenience Store Women by Sayaka Murata. It is a quick read and takes a look at a woman who spends her entire life as a worker in a Japanese convenience store. The main character is a bit odd. She doesn’t relate to other people or understand their behavior, but she is the best convenience store worker there is.

So here is the recap of what I’ve read:

It’s almost time to start thinking about a reading challenge for 2021. Let me know if you have any recommendations. Send me an email at

Until next time…

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash