My Best Memory is off to the editor

What do you do to celebrate when you finish a major project that you’ve been working on for a while? Buy yourself a little something? Watch a movie? Splurge on a candy bar or a glass of wine? Email me at I’m curious!

I’m asking because I sent the manuscript of My Best Memory to the editor on Valentine’s Day (merely coincidence, there isn’t anything Cupidish in Helene’s story). In about 3 weeks, I’ll get back suggestions on revisions to be made and changes to consider. The release date is still TBD, but it should make second quarter of 2021.

It’s exciting to see the book move forward, but I’m sort of stuck now with the question, “What do I do next?” The first three books in the series will be bundled for a digital omnibus. I’ll be sharing that cover in the next month of so. And the audio version on My Best Memory needs to be ordered as well.

But I’m not feeling the usual thrill of accomplishment that finishing usually brings.

The weather may have something to do with my dilemma. If you are in the US, you will know all about the winter storm that shut down the country the week of Valentine’s Day 2021. As far south as Houston, TX, snow and ice have wrecked havoc in the midwest. Thousands are without heat and power and some have lost their lives. The picture to the right is what we will be cleaning up once the snow and ice melt.

Perhaps that’s why I’m a little uncertain what to tackle next. Writing a book is a huge commitment of time, but when I hear all of the suffering that Mother Nature is causing, it is distracting. It’s not like I’m one of the first responders who are helping out those in need. I’m just hanging out in a house that still has electricity and heat – for the time being.

At the same time, I acknowledge that I’ve been watching Netflix and Apple TV+ to distract myself from the things I can’t control. I realized as I was watching, though, these shows serve the same purpose as my books – an entertaining distraction from an uncomfortable present.

Don’t get me wrong – Tasha, Sara and Helene’s stories do not compare to what I’m watching now: the rich mini plot historical romance of Bridgerton, the snarky, down-to-Earth humor of Ted Lasso or the dark comedy of The Imposters. I’m still learning, but when I see what can be done, I get inspired to try again.

I guess that’s why I’m not celebrating the completion of this manuscript. I need to keep writing. Maybe what I write next will be read or heard (or possibly seen?) during the next pandemic or winter storm.

People will continue to overcome the challenges they are presented and they will need something to entertain them.

I better get back to work.

Until next time…

Photo by Hope House Press – Leather Diary Studio on Unsplash