Holiday Movie Challenge

I wish I could explain why I decided to do a Holiday Movie Challenge. It might be because I’m not feeling very holiday-ish. I finished all my Christmas shopping in November, Christmas cards were mailed the Monday before Thanksgiving and the house was decorated by December 1. (I can’t take all the credit on the house. Hubby and kiddos did a great job of setting up the tree and putting up the lights.)

Maybe it was the spare time (ha ha) I have looming ahead of me for the the month of December. But you know that never works to plan. Just like today I was going to have the entire day to work on Book 2 of the My Best Series and due to a faulty battery in the dog’s electric fence collar, I spent the afternoon driving around town to get a new one. Oh well. That’s life, right?

Anyway, back to the movie challenge. I always say I’m going to watch holiday movies and I never do it. So what better way to force myself to actually watch movies than to publicly state I am watching a holiday movie every day from Black Friday to Christmas. It was not a well-thought through idea, I give you that. Even though the bulk of the holiday prep is completed, there are holiday parties, out-of-town guests and unexpected mishaps (see comment on the dog collar above).

Plus, I didn’t take into consideration the amount of time it takes to watch a movie everyday. Again, not a well-thought through plan.

But I will not back down from a challenge, so I am forging ahead. I’ve been posting my thoughts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

(Disclaimer 1: my daughter is my Social Media Director. All posts get run through her first. Fascinating how a teenager is monitoring her mother’s use of technology.)

(Disclaimer 2: Facebook is one day ahead of Twitter and Instagram. That goes back to the poor planning comment from earlier. On the plus side: if you like being ahead, follow me on Facebook!)

I give a different take on each of my posts and thought I would add some additional commentary here on the blog. Since I can’t imagine blogging daily (Seth Godin, you rock!), I will be posting here a couple of times a week to update the movie challenge. And here we go:

Day 1: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973) – I’ve always put Charlie Brown up on a pedestal. I have great memories of watching Charlie’s specials as I was growing up. Watching this as an adult, it wasn’t exactly as I remembered it. I still enjoyed the nostalgia of it though!

Day 2: Home Alone (1990) – I’ve seen this one before but it was a fun romp down memory lane. As unrealistic as it is (would riding a sled down the front staircase really work?), I laughed a lot. The patterned wallpaper throughout the McAllister house was a bit distracting, but the scene where the neighbor reconciles with his son made me smile!

Day 3: Elf (2003) – To be honest, Will Ferrell is not my favorite actor. He’s good at what he does, but he isn’t usually my style. However, he makes a fabulous Elf named Buddy. Loved this one, particularly the focus on Christmas spirit and the need to believe. This one showed the most holiday spirit for me so far.

Day 4: Gremlins (1984) – Why this was billed as a Christmas/holiday movie is beyond me? It is a comedy horror movie that didn’t make me laugh or scream. Granted, I’ve been told my sense of humor is unique and scary movies are not my thing, but still. I will give the movie credit for the kitchen scene. Check out my Instagram post for an homage to my favorite part. Overall, not a movie I will rewatch or recommend.

Day 5: Scrooged (1988) – I watched this movie as a teenager. Actually, I might have been on a first date when I saw it but that is another story all together. Scrooged is an interesting take on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. The Ghost of Christmas Present (Carol Kane) was my favorite though as I rewatched it, she seemed more violent than comically slapstick.

So there it is! The first five days of the Holiday Movie Challenge. I’ve enjoyed everyone’s comments over on social media. Keep them coming! Let me know if you have a favorite holiday movie I should watch. Email me at or comment below!

Photo by Carole Wolfe