Happy New Year!

White 2024 text bursting out of a multicolor paint splat

Hope your 2024 is going well. I enjoyed the holidays with family and friends and now I’m ready to get back to some writing. Here’s what to expect for this year. It’s not set in stone, but plans are meant to be changed, right?!

2024 Book Releases

I have two books to release in 2024. The first is a children’s book. It is different than my usual women’s fiction, but it was a fun change of pace. My kids are a little too old for it, but maybe I can share it with grandchildren in the (distant) future.

The second release will be book one in a Women’s Friendship Fiction series. There will be some characters you recognize from the My Best Series who pop up, but I’ve been enjoying getting to know a new group of friends.

I’ll keep you posted on the titles, covers and release dates for both of these books.

2024 Blog Schedule

  • What to read in 2024: Second Thursday of the Month: I’ll share what I am reading and why. I’m going to try the local library book club list again this year. The goal is to be more consistent than 2023. I’m off to a good start, though! The January pick is True Biz by Sara Novic, which I read in April 2022. (I suppose this could be considered cheating, but I’m calling it a good omen!) I’m also reading Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver for another book club. This may be a DNF due to the heavy content.
  • Author Spotlight: Fourth Thursday of the Month: I’m bringing back a monthly interview with published authors. There may be a few you recognize, but I’m hoping to introduce you to some new authors.
  • Potluck Pig: Fifth Thursday of the month: I know. Shocking, right? But when you love something, you lean into it. And that just happens to be pigs. I do guarantee there will never be a live pig featured!

There may be a few additional posts here and there, but that is the plan for 2024. If there is a specific book you want me to read or an author interview to work on, please let me know! I love your suggestions!

Until next time…