Grateful for time off

Author’s note: was offline for roughly two weeks, which is why this Thanksgiving post is late. There were some technical difficulties that were out of my hands and something about a database that had to be rebuilt. It was inconvenient and irritating, but it was an enforced break where I had to accept I had no control over the situation. An interesting reminder to get this time of the year. On with the post:

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US. I am a week behind in posting this as I spent 40 hours in the car with my family. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds, although I feel exceptionally grateful that we weren’t involved in any of the car accidents we saw or stuck for too long in the highway road construction. The fact that my favorite rest stop was closed was a bit of a downer, but that was the worst of it. 

To answer the next question, it is my favorite rest stop because there are always butterflies flying around. 

And, no it is not Buc-ee’s. I may live in Texas, but I don’t understand why everyone thinks Beaver Nuggets are a good thing.

Like many of you, I’m getting into the holiday spirit. 

The outside lights have been brightening my evenings. The Christmas tree is partially decorated. I miss my 6’3” son who is back at college – he’s excellent at placing ornaments on the top of the tree. 

My Advent tea calendar starts tomorrow as does my Advent embroidery calendar. I tried out an Advent wine calendar last year. It was an interesting idea but I am broadening my horizons. I’ll start the day with some caffeine and end it creating a keepsake. I’ll keep you posted over on Facebook and Instagram. 

I’m finished shopping for Christmas gifts and need to get busy wrapping them. Nothing needs to be shipped so I am gleefully skipping the lines at the post office this year!

Until next time…