Instead of today’s regularly scheduled “Spotlight On” interview, I wanted to share something I learned this week. It would have been helpful to learn this sooner, but hey, I’m human.

I did something new on Tuesday. I launched a short story, “The Cabin“. It ties into a novel I’m writing, but more about that later. What I wanted to share today has to do with something I’ve avoided for a long time.


Part of being a writer is sharing your work. I know. Obvious, right? I’m actually pretty good at sharing. I share my car with my teenagers. I share my bathroom with my husband. I share my breakfast with my dog (although that was unintentional).

But sharing my writing has always been a stumbling block for me. I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was until “The Cabin” launched. As I started getting feedback, it made sense. I was scared. What if someone didn’t like the story? What if I spelled something wrong? Will anyone want to read what I have to write?

So far, my fears have been baseless. Readers like the story. The feedback has been positive and supportive. I did spell something wrong, but nothing bad happened. I fixed the error and moved on.  

I don’t say any of this in an effort to get you, Awesome Reader, to give me a pat on the back (although if you want to share “The Cabin” with your friends and family, that would be great!). I’m sharing this because it’s good to remember we are all afraid of something. What I learned by launching this story is that I had to get over fear to accomplish a goal I’ve set for myself. It takes effort and it can be uncomfortable, but I can tell you right now, it’s worth it. No doubt about it.

What are you scared of, and what can you do to face that fear? Comment below or send me an email at

And next Thursday, Spotlight On will be back!

Photo by Seth kane on Unsplash