Everyone needs a team!

Book five in the My Best series, My Best Break: Cynthia’s Story launches June 8, 2023. It’s time to spread the word about Cynthia, and that is where you, dear reader, come in.

Who’s interested being on the ARC or Launch Team or both? Below is a brief description of what each team does. And it’s pretty easy!

ARC Team 

The ARC or Advanced Review Copy team receives a free digital copy of My Best Break – Cynthia’s Story about a month before launch. In exchange, each team member leaves an honest review of the book on the retailer or review site of your choice. I’ll provide you with the links as we get closer to the June 8 date. 

Launch Team

The launch team shares announcements about where to find the book as well as images. I will provide you with the text and images that you can use on Facebook and Instagram, but you can post on your preferred social media platform.

Send me an email if you are interested in helping out!

Until next time…