Christmas gifts for characters

I completed my Christmas shopping, but I was still in the mood to browse. What could I do to scratch that itch?

Christmas shop for the characters in my books! The thrill of finding the perfect gift coupled with the zero price tag since I’m not actually buying anything – double win!

Here’s what I found that I think would make great gifts!

You can click on the image to get a link to the product. I am not being compensated for any of these products. I just thought they were cool.

For Tasha:

These gifts are some no brainers. In book one, My Best Mistake, Tasha attends a speed dating session and notices someone wearing a “screw it” tank top. This one is what I had in mind when I was writing the scene.


Some of you may remember the original cover to My Best Mistake, pink pig slippers. These slippers aren’t the same ones, but they are still cute. And comfortable. They don’t squeak though. I searched high and low for squeaky ones and couldn’t find any. If someone knows where there’s a pair for sale, let me know!

For Libby:

This kid is one smart cookie and she was thrilled with the STEM set that Brad gives her in My Best Mistake. This kit comes with a manual to build a number of simple circuits that light up, run fans and make space noises. 

For Blake:

Blake is more about play than school, but Legos remain an inspiring toy (a dangerous one too for any parent who has stepped on a stray brick in bare feet). Not only can Blake build the tower, he can enjoy playing with the completed set. And Uncle Brad might even get him one just like this. 


For Sara:

Sara already has a Zen garden that Libby and Blake gave to her for her birthday, but a stressed out lawyer like Sara could always add another one to her home office. Plus, ever since I wrote about it in My Best Mistake, I’ve wondered if I could find them in real life and I am happy to say they are available. In fact, I may gift myself a Zen garden right now. 


In My Best Memory, Tasha is inspired to get something like these for her sister. You’ll have to read the book to find out what the personalization says (chapter 16 if you’re curious), but these sweatpants fit the bill. 


For Helene:

Therapy is a great time to get a journal, but really, a pretty book of blank pages can be inspiring for taking notes, listing what you are grateful for or doodling. This is a cute one that Helene would be sure to love. 



For Max:

For the bowler in your life, this is a great shirt. The royal and black option would pair nicely with Max’s lucky blue-and-white bowling ball. 


For China:

We didn’t spend a lot of time with China in the My Best Series, but her poodle tank top did make a splash. A few people dared me to find a shirt resembling the one I wrote about in My Best Decision. This one is pretty close! And you can never have too many shirts featuring dogs, right?


For Brad:

I know, I know. Another set of Legos. But this one is for the architect who wants to let his creativity run wild. Make a complicated tower, an intricate bridge or a relaxing retreat. Plus, Brad can see how his architectural skills translate to the Lego world. 


For Carlton:

I had no idea there were so many cute gift ideas for chiropractors. I’m including my favorite one here, but there are SOOO many on Etsy. 



And For Betty:

And last but not least, for the cook in all of our lives, here’s something special that no one can accidentally pick up at the next pot luck and take home. 


Until next time…

Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash