Cover of My Best Break - Cynthia's Story. Book five in the My Best Series

My Best Break – Cynthia’s Story

When an emotional story and a shocking secret rock her world, can this reporter write her way to happiness?

Cynthia Anderson is hungry for success. Having just won a second award, the small-town journalist searches for a compelling scoop to get her to the big leagues. But when her chance comes via writing a first-person account of egg retrieval, she argues with her controlling mother and ends up on the street.

Stuck moving into an above-garage apartment, Cynthia tries to ignore the fact her landlord’s son is also her embarrassing high school crush. Yet as they grow closer and he takes her to a harvesting appointment, the thirty-five-year-old go-getter begins to wonder if she’s pursuing the right goals.

When a devastating truth rears its ugly head, will Cynthia lose everything she’s ever wanted?

My Best Break is the charming fifth book in the My Best women’s fiction series. If you like dynamic characters, intriguing forks in the road, and found family, then you’ll love Carole Wolfe’s light-hearted drama.

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My Best Break can be read separately or out of order from the series.