Cover of My Best Gamble - Brianna's Story. Book 4 in the My Best Series.

My Best Gamble – Brianna’s Story

She feels all alone. But with so many selfish jerks out to use her, can one feisty female make her mark on the world?

Brianna Thompson desperately needs to start over. Fleeing her latest bad choice in men, she bets it all on a move to Las Vegas in search of an emotional reset. But after a roommate steals all her money and possessions, her fresh beginning looks like a devastating end.

Landing a job helping women and children in need, Brianna finds meaning in supporting others. But when an old flame returns and someone at work sets her up to take the fall for missing funds, she fears her bold play may have already crapped out.

Can she reclaim her self-respect and demand life treat her fairly?

My Best Gamble is the fourth book in the My Best Series of heartfelt women’s fiction novels. If you like determined heroines, chaotic twists, and the power of unexpected friendships, then you’ll love Carole Wolfe’s inspiring tale.

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