Cover of My Best Decision - Sara's Story. Book 2 in the My Best Series.

My Best Decision – Sara’s Story

A sensible lawyer. A downward spiral. Can she survive this turn for the worse?

Dependable attorney Sara Shaw loves her job, but her rowdy family is pushing her OCD tendencies toward disaster. And things go from bad to beastly, when the floozy who stole her sister’s husband stirs up trouble. Unfortunately, Sara takes the bait and jeopardizes her stable reputation by jumping into a wild, hair-pulling fight.

Desperate to redeem herself, she leaps at a chance to show off her superb organizing skills to her handsome legal associate. But when another scandal erupts and her mom drags her down deeper, Sara scrambles to keep her world from spiraling out of control.

Will Sara at last strike out on her own, or will she be stuck still playing the loyal hometown girl?