A podcast interview

Studio microphone for recording podcasts over blue background

I sat down with Burke Allen of the Big Time Talker Podcast and chatted about my 2023 Readers’ Favorite Bronze medal, my next writing project and why I don’t write sex scenes. It was a pleasure to talk about writing and what it means to me.

You can find Burke Allen’s Big Time Talker Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts or at the following links:

Blog Talk Radio

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This is your chance to hear my voice, which is something a bit new for me. I’m good with written words but sometimes talking trips me up. I guess that’s why I got into writing and not acting, although the small and big screen did come up in our conversation.

Let me know what you think about the interview. You can comment below or send me an email at carole@carolewolfe.com.

Until next time…