Almost to 100

Milestones are important. Baby’s first steps. First home purchase. First book with 100 reader reviews!

Okay, I made that third one up. But in a way, it’s a milestone because book reviews are important. 

For readers, it helps you know which books you might be interested in reading. A review can help you take a chance on a new author or try a genre that’s outside of your comfort zone. It’s a time saver, too. If you have a choice between two books, one with lots of reviews and one with only a few, you’re probably going to pick the one with more reviews.

For authors, reviews are how we spread the word about our books. Advertising can feel artificial and social media posts don’t have the reach they once did. Word of mouth is where it’s at. 

My Best Mistake has 95 reviews on Amazon and I’d love your help hitting 100. If you haven’t left a review, now would be the perfect time. Head on over to and type Carole Wolfe My Best Mistake into the search bar. The new pink cover should be the first thing you see. 

While you’re there, feel free to review any of the books in the My Best Series. The other three books in the series are hovering around a dozen reviews each so your help would be greatly appreciated. You can also leave a review wherever the books are sold or on Goodreads.

Until next time…